15. März 2015

Waves [Nail Art]


Die unkreative Phase hält weiter an. Ich habe es immer noch nicht verwunden, daß Otto über die Regenbogenbrücke gegangen ist. Deshalb heute nochmal eines meiner Reserve-Nailarts, welches schon seit Sommer letzten Jahres in meinem Ordner schmort. Unkreativ ist zwar nicht wirklich gut, aber so kommen endlich mal die ganzen noch nicht geposteten Nailarts an die frische Luft.
Als Basis habe ich Priti NYC Chilean Blue Corcus aufgetragen und da mir irgendwie langweilig war mit einem silbernen Glitterfineliner einfach drauflosgepinselt.

Viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren!

Liebe Grüße,


  1. I really think this is gorgeous - and the base color is sooo me <3
    I hope you soon feel better - sorrow takes time, no way to rush it...

    1. Thanks a lot. The base color is also me ;o).

      What should I say - fortunately I'm at home rarely. So I'm somehow distracted....

      Kind regards,

  2. Aww Elena I'm really sorry to hear this *hugs*. I hope you feel better soon. Keeping yourself busy is always better. Would you think about getting another pet?

    I've got 3 cats and we are thinking about getting a dog as we've started walking a lot. We practically live in the middle of a forest so plenty of good walks. I cannot relate to this, but I have lost all my family (parents, grand parents and great-grand parents) I'm the last left. But when I think about one of my cats not being here, it does make me really upset and I cannot stop crying. I really don't know how I'll react. My husband (who has had pets before and lost them) always says to me love them as much as I can and make sure they have happy lives. And I do. I'm forever playing with them, taking photos, making videos. They do get spoiled! As long as they are happy that is the main thing :-) Time does make it easier, but don't forget the good times you had with him :-)

    Pretty mani I like that blue :-)


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